About Us

Physiotec's home exercise program focuses on client's satisfaction

When you call, you avoid an automated greeting system, and speak directly to support first.

Our customer service team provides live trainings, answers all of your questions, and forwards all of your special requests to the development team. This is all included inyour membership.

The video exercises are produced internally at Physiotec. We do everything for you and inform you when your request is completed. Specialists assist our team in providing content that corresponds to the latest studies within their field . Experts have come from all around the world to produce our accurate and specialized content.

Developers work closely with our support team to adapt and refine the application based upon the needs and suggestions of our clients. We are always willing to listen to our clients and adapt accordingly.


We believe that our clients deserve user friendly physiotherapy exercise software that is actually enjoyable to use. We believe that you deserve a stellar customer service that is focused on human interaction and timely support. We also believe your patients deserve to better understand their exercises so that they heal faster.

What makes Physiotec's web-based home exercise program simply unmatched in the industry?

Content: The scope and quality of our exercise videos are impressive. We cover a wide range of specialized exercises for all types of rehabilitation programs. All of our videos are filmed and produced in our very own studios. An exercise is not yet available? Drop us a line and we'll get to work on it right away!

Technology: Our Research & Development team is always on the lookout for our next a-ha! moment. Whether monitoring recent advances in the telecommunication industry or fine-tuning our backend infrastructure to make it more powerful than ever before. We have only one goal in mind: helping you to be more efficient and improving patient's treatment.

There is a better way than complicated stickmen home exercise programs, It's Physiotec!