Customer Service

Customer service is really important at Physiotec

The business is always looking at ways to offer more at no cost.

Physiotec is really proud of raising customer service standard to what they think it should be:

Calls are answered by support directly to answer your question and assist you. Even the president will pick up the line if all the lines are busy!

There is no greetings, options to dial or even extensions to speak to someone specific. The support team answers all of the calls.

Unlimited in-service is always available at no cost. Trainings are done at your convenience online no matter how many therapists you need to get trained regardless of the time needed to train them. The support team is always proud to do what is needed to accommodate you.

One on one trainings, group trainings as well as super users training are offered. We will work closely with your team to get the system in place smoothly.

Exercise on demand is another great offer we use to raise your customer service experience. If some exercises are not executed the way you think they should be done or simply not available yet, Simply let our exercise team know. They will add the requested exercises to the next filming session. We film at least once a week. We are working hard to reduce the lead time to have your request available. Our goal is to send your exercise within only 2 weeks.

We are always surpassing your expectations and working hard to always improve and go beyond the expectations of the discerning and critical.

Physiotec is not only raising the customer service standards in the Physical Therapy industry, but in general.


For immediate assistance call now:

1-866-301-3439 or

Available from 6:00am until 5:00pm Eastern standard time.